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Six Hour Endurance

A 6hr team endurance featuring driver changes & fuel stops using our RT8 karts. A 30 minute qualifying session is followed by a six hour team endurance race with driver changes and a fuel stops all adding to the excitement. The race is ideal for teams of between 2 and 6 drivers though there are no hard and fast rules about this. Driver changes and fuel stops add to the excitement. Trophies are awarded to each driver finishing in the top three teams. The price quoted is per team, irrespective of the number of drivers in that team. Everything is included. kart, helmets, race suits, gloves, rib protectors etc.

This race is also part of a Championship consisting of four rounds of which three rounds counts towards the championship. Superb Championship trophies are on offer to the teams finishing in the top three of the series after four rounds.


  • 8.30am Arrival and Registration

  • 9.15am Safety Briefing (All drivers must attend)

  • 10am Start of 30 minute practice/qualifying session

  • 10.45am Start of race

  • 5pm Presentation.

Please note: This race is also a qualifying round of the Sodi World Series (SWS) and you will need to register in order to have your results counted. This is really simple. Just visit the SWS website here, and follow the instructions. (Don’t forget to switch the site to English!) Having registered, you will also need to ask your team mates to register (a team must have at least two drivers) and then create your team. Once this is done, invite your friends to be a part of your team and once they have accepted your electronic invitation, you will be ready to score points and race against hire kart drivers from all around the world.

Traditionally, Buckmore has done very well and each year we have had drivers qualify for the world finals.

If you have any problems with this, please email Club Coordinator Clinton Bell

All drivers must be at least 16 years of age. Booking is essential. Full payment required on booking. For experienced drivers who are fit and have stamina. <3*>

Buckmore Park

Date: Sunday 9th December 2018 9:00am
Price: £419.00
Arrival Time: 8:30am

Experience Required