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BP 24 Hour Endurance 2020

The BP 24 HR is back and set to stay with permission now granted to repeat the event annually. The 24 is the jewel in our calendar crown and the 2020 race is going to be bigger and better than before. This ultimate test of endurance will take place at Buckmore Park on the 4th April, running continuously through the night before the final dash to the flag on the 5th.

New for 2020

We took your feedback on board and as a result, we will now be running three classes (Elite, Pro & Clubman) and a minimum driver weight of 70kg, we've also extended the pre-race practice from 40 to 90 minutes.

Key Information


The 24hr Open Endurance event is designed as a team event. Teams will compete in one of three classes, Elite, Pro or Clubman. For this race, four to ten drivers would be ideal. There is no maximum number of drivers per team, however, there is a minimum number of 3 drivers per team.

A practice session precedes the race and this will be 90 minutes duration. All drivers in the team MUST complete a minimum of three laps during the practice period. Practice laps will not be timed and will not count as any qualifying. A 10-minute Timed Qualifying session will follow directly after the practice session, the start of this session will be signalled by a green light or flag from the start/finish line. All lap times in this session will be recorded with the fastest team taking pole position for the race. The race will begin from a Le-Mans style running start.

Price & Payment Terms

Team entry is £1899 (inc VAT) if the deposit is paid before 01/01/20. After this date the price will be £2099 per team.

To help manage the cost, we spread the amount over 3 scheduled payments. A £600 (non-refundable) deposit is required to confirm your team entry, the second payment of £600 is due by 1st November 2019, the final payment of £699 is due before 1st March 2020.


All competing teams will race together at the same time, however, awards for the top 3 teams at the end of the race will be awarded by class. If during the race the Race Director feels that a team is incorrectly classified then they may change the class of any team.

Choosing your Teams Class

To ensure the racing amongst all teams & drivers stays as competitive as possible, we have introduced a third class for the 2020 24 Hour Race. It’s important to read the descriptions below to best gauge the suitability of the class for your team. Please note - the Race Director will review the classification of all teams throughout the event and may move teams into alternative classes based on their performance. The minimum driver weight of 70kg applies to drivers in all three classes.


This is the top class and restricted to highly experienced, high ability teams/drivers and those that take part in our top-level Championship races. As a guide, if your lap times are sub 51 seconds (in the dry), this is the class you should enter.


The Pro class is for experienced teams/drivers that have some prior racing experience.


Clubman class is reserved for less experienced teams/drivers and drivers that are new to endurance racing.

If you’re unsure about which class suits your team, please contact the Race Director at and he can help guide you.

Participant Restrictions

The minimum age to take part is 16 (16 & 17 year-olds must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 plus). The minimum height to safely operate our karts is 5ft (152cm) and the maximum height is 6’4” (195cm). Drivers aged 14+ with a current MSA licence are eligible to take part.

Minimum Weight (New For 2020)

All drivers are required to weigh in at a minimum of 70 kilograms, inclusive of all racewear and any seat inserts etc. Drivers will be randomly weighed throughout the event, any driver that is found underweight will be penalised by a 10 lap team penalty upon the first offence, followed by team exclusion from the race on the second offence.

Drivers weighing less than 70 kilograms will need to add weight in the form of a seat insert up to a maximum of 25 kilograms of extra weight. Please see the Achieving Minimum Weight PDF for more information.


Saturday 4th April

Optional 1-hour Extra Practice (Teams) Booked Separately Event Details

09:00 - Arrival & Sign-On

09:30 - Drivers Briefing

10:00 - 11:00 - Team Practice Session

Saturday 4th April

Main Event (All Drivers)

10:30 - 11:00 - Arrival & Sign-On – All Drivers

11:15 - Team Captains Briefing - All Team Captains

11:30 - Drivers Briefing – All Drivers

12:15 - Practice 90 minutes (straight into) 10 minutes Timed Qualifying

14:00 - Gridding up & Team Photos

14:30 - Start of Race

Sunday 5th April

Main Event (All Drivers)

14:30 - End of Race

14.45 - Presentation


390cc Sodi RT8 Karts will be supplied by Buckmore Park. The karts are prepared and maintained by Buckmore Park and have adjustable seat and pedal positions.

Staying Overnight

All drivers will be able to stay overnight on the Friday and Saturday nights. It is the responsibility of those staying to provide all the necessary equipment to make a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Campers / Cars

If you are staying in a camper, motorhome, or equivalent then please be aware that there will not be any hookups for electricity or water.


We are sorry to say that due to the hard standing in all areas of the site, NO CAMPING IN TENTS is permitted.

Race Regulations & Site Rules

Race Rules & Regulations PDF

Site Rules & Regulations PDF

COVID-19 Rules & Regulations PDF

Buckmore Park

Date: Saturday 3rd October 2020 12:15pm
Elite Price: £1,899.00
Pro Price: £1,899.00
Clubman Price: £1,899.00
Arrival Time: 10:30am

Experience Required