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Bambino Lesson One

Bambino training is arranged in three stages and a child must move up through all three grades, with targets to achieve at each level before moving onto the Bambino Club.

Level 1 takes place on the Mini GP Circuit and teaches the basics of vehicle control and understanding of simple instructions.

The class is divided into small groups with each group enjoying three sessions of driving during the two-hour lesson.

The school provides all the equipment necessary including race suit, helmet, neck collar, gloves, and rib protector.

Key Information

Karts & Circuit

ZIP 30cc 4-stroke petrol karts are used for Bambino Lesson 1 & 2 on the Mini GP Circuit.

Participant Restrictions

The minimum age to take part is 6 and the maximum age is 7 years old. No previous driving experience is necessary.


The total time at the circuit is approximately 2.5 hours from your arrival to departure.

Please Note: Arrival time is 30 minutes before the session starts


Spectators are welcome. We have a state-of-the-art clubhouse facility featuring with a Café serving hot and cold food, and an upper tier balcony which provides a dynamic view of the whole circuit.

Dress Code

Please bring comfortable clothing and suitable footwear, preferably trainers or similar flat shoes. All the safety equipment necessary will be provided.


Please check the weather forecast before you travel and pack a change of clothes if rain looks likely. Only in the most extreme weather conditions (i.e. ice or snow) will there be a possibility of your session being postponed or cancelled.


All payments made are non-refundable, it may be possible to transfer your booking, but, it would be subject to an admin fee.

Buckmore Park

Date: Saturday 9th May 2020 10:00am
Bambino Price: £51.63
Arrival Time: 9:30am

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