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Important Changes To Adult Club Events

Friday, 21st December 2018

Important Changes To Adult Club Events

As 2018 comes to a close, we asked you for your feedback and suggestions for next years club events, what you liked/disliked and what we could do to improve the events.

The response was impressive and after reviewing all of the feedback, we are happy to announce the following changes to our Adult Club events coming into effect from March 2019.

BP Pro Series

  • Rule Change

A point will be awarded for pole position after the final Qualifying session has been completed, this will replace the previous rule where drivers could earn a point by achieving the fastest lap across the three Qualifying sessions.

  • Itinerary Change

We have amended the running order of the event to include a 10-minute gap between the end of Q3 and gridding up to allow for a break for Q3 qualifiers.

BP Challenge Cup

  • Format Change

The format will now be 1x10 Minute Qualifying Session, 2x20 Minute Races. A drivers qualifying position will dictate their starting position in both races. The drivers result from both races will be scored individually and combined to conclude their final position. A tie on points will then be decided by their fastest lap in both races as a tie-break.

  • Price Change

The cost per driver will be changing from £99 to £84.

  • Class Change

Each race will have two classes: “Pro” & “Clubman”. The Pro class is an 8 round Championship of where the best 6 rounds count. The Clubman class is non-championship and has been introduced to help drivers gain experience in this format before they progress and compete in the “Pro” class.

Try out the new format before the Championship starts! The January & February rounds are non-championship events we have scheduled to help drivers familiarise themselves with the new format before Round 1 kicks off in March.

Grand Prix League/International Sprint

  • Name Change

The GPL & International Sprint have been combined into one event which has been renamed “BP Sprint League”.

  • Class Change

There will be three classes “Pro Light”, “Pro Heavy” & “Clubman”. The Pro classes form the 8 round championship which used to be the Grand Prix League. The Clubman class replaces the “International Sprint”. The Clubman class is non-championship and has been introduced to help drivers gain experience in this format before they can progress and compete in the “Pro” class. The Pro classes will still take part in separate races from the Clubman class.

BP Endurance Series

  • Diary Change

One endurance event will be scheduled each month, alternating between the 3 & 6 hour.

  • Class Change

Endurance races will have two classes: “Pro” & “Clubman”. Pro class will be Championship, Clubman will be non-championship.

  • Endurance Series

The 3 & 6 hour will still be standalone 4 round championships where the best three rounds will count. Together, all 8 endurance races will form the BP Endurance Series which is a collective Championship of which the best 6 rounds count.

BP Extreme

  • Name Change From BP EXTREME to BP MAX. This event has been renamed to reflect the change of kart engines that Club100 will be using in 2019.