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RT8 Performance Upgrade

Friday, 27th September 2019

RT8 Performance Upgrade

Anyone who is familiar with Buckmore Park will know already, we’re always in pursuit of the best possible customer experience. Sometimes that leads to subtle changes, others can be on a larger scale.

Now, when it comes to the karts, we pride ourselves on offering one of the most equal fleets going. We regularly test them all back to back, maintain them to a strict service schedule and overall abide by a no-expense-spared attitude when it comes to keeping them in a tip-top condition. It is because of this approach that we are well known for ensuring the out-of-the-box parity of the fleet remains from the date of delivery to the present day.

But what about improving that performance…

If you have time to spare, take a look through our reviews and you will see a countless amount of positive feedback about the speed, handling and overall thrill of the RT8’s, but we wanted to see if we could take that thrill to the next level. Having already established that the engines and chassis are as good as they can be, we decided to investigate whether a different set of tyres could level up the performance. Thus followed a thorough test of just about every brand of rubber available on the market, but one particular set offered results that were staggering from both a durability & performance perspective.

The new Mitas tyres with red sidewalls earned the nickname “reds” and have been in circulation for the past month in order to give us a true reflection of their capability and longevity at the UK’s busiest circuit. Whilst cheaper makes of tyres were available, once we saw what reds could do, there really was no looking back. In fact, the full circuit lap record was smashed shortly after they were installed.

But don’t just take our word for it, get out on track and test them for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

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